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UNT Health Science Center is committed to maintaining a strong culture of compliance where students, employees and community partners feel empowered to turn integrity into action. Learn HSC consists of essential compliance education that equips students and employees with skills and resources to foster a safe and inclusive health science center.

The Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness will notify all employees and students via email when new hire or annual compliance training is required.

Learn HSC Is available to all employees and students.

Go to your training in Learn HSC

Learn Hsc Computer ImagesAccess your assigned training

  1. Go to: Learn HSC
  2. Log in with your EUID and password (ex. TC0151)
  3. Choose training listed under required
  4. Before starting training, pop-up blockers must be disabled
  5. Complete all required topics listed

If you encounter problems, please contact us.


Employees are required to take compliance training:

  • When first hired (new training must be completed within 90 days of hire).
  • Once a year (refresher/annual training).
  • With a change in job duties (only if new job duties/departments warrants additional training).
  • When a change in regulations has occurred.

Vendors have 60 days to complete annual training from the date it is assigned.

New Hires

All new employees at UNT Health Science Center are required to complete the Compliance & Integrity Training Program for New Hires. By completing the program, new employees gain skills and resources to foster a safe, inclusive, and healthy health science center.

Specialized or Job-Specific Training

Departmental managers should contact the Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness to assign additional compliance training modules. For example, employees with exposure to blood or potentially infectious materials are required to take additional training.

To assign additional compliance training modules to employees and students, contact us.

Student Training

Every fall semester, students will receive notices from the Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness to complete training. All required training and must be completed 30 days from the date it is assigned. Students will gain an understanding of policies and procedures on campus and find out where to go if assistance is needed.





This page was last modified on June 26, 2024