Student Email Migration 2020


O365 AppsHSC and UNT System IT Shared Services are collaborating to migrate HSC Student Office 365 accounts and mailboxes to a unified Office 365 tenant used by all UNT institutions.  The migration will take place at the end of May 2020.  This page will host information about the migration, schedules, anticipated changes, and any expected service interruptions.

This change is enabling everyone at HSC and the rest of UNT institutions to be quite literally on the same page, particularly when it comes to communicating and collaborating with each other. With everyone using the same environment(tenant), it will be much easier to communicate, schedule meetings and share information across colleges and campuses.

In addition to increased collaboration and productivity, the transition will increase the security of communications. Office 365’s advanced threat protection allows for easy monitoring and reduction of potential threats, meaning personal information, files and research data are more safe and secure.  HSC Students will be the first users given the opportunity to configure Duo multi-factor authentication(MFA) for their Office 365 accounts.

The migration schedule will be:

  • Email:  All email will be migrated by 5/30
    Migrate email with these exceptions

    • Deleted Items
    • Junk folders.
    • Items in these locations that need to be migrated, people will need to move them to another folder location.
  •  OneDrive:  The strategy will be to migrate data over in three passes. We will make every effort to complete the move of data as quickly as possible.  Presuming that the most current data is the most relevant, we will focus on getting that data over first. Each pass will add data to ODFB, and the migration is non-destructive.
    • Pass 1: complete by 5/31
      Migrate data created from January 1, 2020 without sharing permissions.
      Migrate all versions of documents
    • Pass 2: complete by 6/30
      Migrate remaining documents
      Migrate sharing permissions
    • Pass 3: Complete by 8/8
      Clean up migration tasks
      Clean up migration errors

For any questions, please contact


Student Email Migration FAQ


When can I access my new mailbox?

Mailbox data will be migrated to the new mailbox, minus Deleted items, Junk Mail on May 30th. There may be some service interruptions as the domain is moved, but the ability to sign in using the same username should begin in the evening of May 30th.


Will all my data and messages be migrated?

All mailbox data minus recoverable (soft-deleted) items, the Deleted Items Folder, and the Junk Mail folder will be migrated. OneDrive data will be moved in stages with items newer than December 2019 without sharing permissions being moved and available on May 30th.


What is MFA?

MFA stands for multi-factor authentication. HSC and UNT use a product called DUO to issue a unique challenge code after a user logs in using their username and password. This challenge code is received by the end user using an app, device , phone number, or email previously registered by the user. The use of MFA prevents an attacker from using a compromised password and accessing the account. Because the code goes to the real user, the attacker will not have access to the code to input and access the account.


Will I have the same username and password?

After the migration your password will be synchronized with your normal HSC password set for most systems at The separate password formerly used for your account will no longer be used. Your username will continue to be the format that you currently use.


How do I setup/change my MFA settings?

We recommend that you enroll at least two devices, one for backup.

1) Go to
2) Login using your EUID
3) Complete the registration.

Instructions are available at

To reset your MFA(lost device) or request a one-time bypass, please contact the HSC Student Helpdesk


Will I have to reset my phone?

Yes, you’ll need to configure any device or Outlook client that was previously being used to access the mailbox.


Other Changes

What is frequently referred to as ‘ Legacy’ authentication will be removed. If you use the Outlook client on whichever device you prefer you should encounter no issues. Using POP or IMAP form other e-mail accounts or older clients will no longer be available as it does not allow for multi-factor authentication.