Vendor Relations Survey

UNT Health Science Center has instituted a two-part annual survey to provide a platform for periodic evaluation and communication with our vendors that will allow us to improve efficiency and effectiveness, productivity, financial goals and our mutual success.

UNTHSC purchasing departments and vendors are asked to participate in this three-minute survey to report how their expectations have been met as we do business together. The survey questions address:

  • Relationship Status
    • Includes trust, dependability, honesty, respect, and communication
  • Business Process
    • Includes compliance with payment terms, teamwork, scheduling & responsiveness, compliance with applicable requirements, invoicing, business communication and conflict resolution
  • Quality
    • Includes delivery condition, product and service quality compared to cost, functionality of the product or service to meet our needs
  • Net Promoter Score
    • Overall question: How likely are you to recommend (UNTHSC) or (this vendor) to a friend or colleague?