MPH/MS Applied Anthropology

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The dual Master of Public Health offered at the University of North Texas Health Science (HSC) School of Public Health (SPH) and Master of Science in Applied Anthropology offered at UNT Denton Department of Anthropology prepares public health professionals with an in-depth knowledge of medical anthropology. Students learn how to apply anthropological concepts to problems in public health practice. Students are prepared to perform community-based research, analyze social and cultural influences on health and illness, and advocate for the elimination of local and global health disparities. This 2.5 year program prepares students for careers in research, public health, and public policy planning relating to health and health care in the U.S. or in an international setting.

The dual program is comprised of 63 credit hours. Students complete 36 credit hours in Public Ana_MariaHealth, 27 credit hours in Anthropology to satisfy master’s degrees requirements in both Public Health and Applied Anthropology. Within the later 27 credit hours, 18 hours are shared by the UNTHSC School of Public Health and the Department of Applied Anthropology at UNT Denton. A total of 12 of these credit hours from UNT Denton (ANTH 5210, ANTH 5201, ANTH 5031 & 5041) are transferred to the students’ MPH degree program to satisfy UNTHSC degree requirements. With the exception of Quantitative Research Methods (BACH 5314) and Qualitative Research Methods (BACH 6310), students in the dual program complete all required coursework in the UNTHSC MPH-Community Health concentration. Ethnographic and Qualitative Methods (ANTH 5031 and Quantitative Methods (ANTH 5041 at UNT Denton are substituted for BACH 5314 and BACH 6310. Students complete Public Health Practice Experience (BACH 5297) and Applied Thesis (ANTH 5950) concurrently. Applied Thesis (ANT 5950) includes a field experience that focuses on some aspect of public health. Consistent with School of Public Health policy, students the MPH/MS Applied Anthropology dual degree program do not take the MPH Comprehensive examination because they complete a thesis.

By the conclusion of the MPH/MS Applied Anthropology Dual Degree program, a student will be able to:

Comprehend, apply and evaluate multi-level and inter-disciplinary theories and models used to solve community health problems.
Identify and evaluate the relative contributions of ecological determinants to health outcomes among populations, including vulnerable populations and disadvantaged communities.
Understand, select and employ appropriate quantitative and qualitative research methods for testing community health interventions and resolving community health problems.
Plan, implement, administer and evaluate community-based initiatives and programs using asset-based and data- driven approaches. 
Understand, administer, and evaluation community-based participatory approaches for reducing health disparities and improving community health outcomes.

Applicants to the MPH/MS in Applied Anthropology must follow both universities admissions requirements.


2019-2020 Curriculum: 63 SCH Course Descriptions / Sequence of Coursework

UNTHSC SPH-Required Courses: 36 SCH 
BACH 5300 Theoretical Foundations of Individuals & Community Health
BIOS 5300 Principles of Biostatistics
EOHS 5300 Environmental Determinants of Health
EPID 5300 Principles of Epidemiology
HMAP 5300 Introduction to Health Management & Policy
BACH 5313 Data Management and Statistical Computing
BACH 5340 Community Assessment and Program Planning
BACH 5345 Participatory Approaches to Improving Community Health
BACH 5350 Community Health Program Evaluation
PHED 5197 Professional & Academic Development
BACH 5297 Public Health Practice Experience (Students take BACH 5297 and ANTH 5950-Applied Thesis concurrently)
Electives: 6 SCH taken at UNTHSC SPH

Shared/Transfer Courses: 18 SCH  (UNTHSC or *UNT Denton)
*ANTH 5210 Anthropology in Public Health
*ANTH 5201 Medical Anthropology
*ANTH 5031 Ethnographic and Qualitative Methods
*ANTH 5041 Quantitative Methods
PHED 5000 Certified in Public Health Examination
*ANTH 5950 Thesis (6 SCH)

UNT Denton-Required Courses: 9 SCH
*ANTH 5010 Thought and Praxis I
*ANTH 5021 Thought and Praxis II
*ANTH 5050 Preparation for Practice and Applied Thesis
*Courses offered on the UNT Denton campus in the Department of Anthropology