The Department of Laboratory Animal Medicine Staff are trained in the care and use of laboratory animals and can be an important role in your research.  Our facility requires that all DLAM staff working with animals become AALAS certified (American Association for Laboratory Science). This ensures that our staff are skilled and knowledgeable in the many aspects of the laboratory animal science environment. Currently we have 10 full time staff members which are comprised of the Director and Veterinarian, Facility Manager, Operations Analyst, Veterinary Technician, 2 Lab Animal Technicians, and 4 Lab Animal Attendants.  We also employ part time graduate students who are well trained in the aspects of laboratory animal care that they are tasked to perform.


Director/ Veterinarian
(817) 735-2015
(817) 929-4053
(817) 735-2406
Facility Manager
(817) 735-2013
(817) 565-4574
(817) 735-2406
Operations Analyst
(817) 735-2017
(817) 735-2406
Veterinary Technician
(817) 735-0590
(817) 455-5678
(817) 735-0559
IACUC Administrator
(817) 735-2533


Lab Animal Attendant
Lab Animal Technician
Lab Animal Technician
Lab Animal Technician
Lab Animal Attendant
Lab Animal Technician


Facility line

(817) 735-2014
(817) 216-1180

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