Hmp Patterson 100x150Rita M. Patterson, PhD
Associate Dean for Research, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Professor, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine/Family Medicine

Focus: Biomedical engineering, Biomechanics, Kinematics, Motion Capture

Hmp Fulda 100x150Kimberly Fulda, PhD
Associate Professor, Family Medicine, Executive Director of the Osteopathic Research Center

Focus: Maternal and Child Health, Children with special care needs, Health disparities, Access to care, Epidemiology.

Hmp Hensel 100x150Kendi Hensel, DO
Associate Professor, Family Medicine & Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Focus: Osteopathic manipulative medicine, mechanistic and clinical effectiveness studies of OMM

Hmp Knebl 100x150Janice Knebl, DO
Professor, Internal Medicine, Chief of DSWOP Endowed Chair, Geriatric Medicine

Focus: Geriatrics, Palliative care, Geriatric education training, Education and training, Alzheimer’s disease, Health aging.

Hmp Lee 100x150Yein Lee, DO, MMS, FAAPMR
Assistant Professor Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Focus: Performing Arts Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Biomechanics, Gait, Mobility, Function, and Wearable Technologies

Hmp Surve 100x150Sajid Surve, DO
Associate Professor

Focus: Osteopathic manipulation, musculoskeletal injury prevention, and management, osteopathic principles, practice, and education.

Hmp Yurvati 100x150Albert Yurvati, DO, PhD
Professor and Chair of Surgery

Focus: Clinical trials, Cardiothoracic surgery, Cardiopulmonary bypass, Animal models, Technology, and applications.


Shawn Kennedy, MS
Biomedical Engineering Specialist


Tasha Buxton, BS, HT(ASCP)
Research Coordinator


Past Students

Postdoctoral Fellows      
Name Degree Mentor(s) Year
Sarah Moudy PhD Patterson 2019
Haylie Miller PhD Bugnariu 2014
Kunal Singhal PhD Patterson 2014

Graduate Students      
Name Degree Mentor(s) Year
Graci Finco PhD Menegaz, Patterson 2022
Elizabeth Balyakina
Resident Patterson 2021
Zack Terrell MS Patterson 2021
Nathan Hershberger Resident Patterson 2020
Matthew Barker
Resident Patterson 2019
Victoria Kowalewski
DPT, PhD Patterson 2018
Frederick (Ricky) O. Barnum IV Resident Patterson 2018
Morgan Thomi
MS Patterson, Miller 2018
Xiaoyang Dong MD Papa 2016
Vince Morales DPT Papa 2016
Daniel Coleman DPT Papa 2016
Joe Stanford PhD Bugnariu, Patterson 2016
Oguz Yetkin PhD Bugnariu, Patterson 2016
Russell Donevant MS Patterson 2016
Kara Edgerton DPT Bugnariu, Miller 2016
Kayla Crocker DPT Bugnariu, Miller 2016
Christina Ragland MS Patterson 2015
Belinda Vo-Lee MS Bugnariu 2015
Oguz Yetkin PhD, University Texas Arlington Patterson 2015
Joe Stanford PhD, University Texas Arlington Patterson 2014
Meena Krishnan DPT Miller, Bugnariu 2014
Sebastiaan Bens MS Patterson 2014
Lindsay Appleby MS Bugnariu, Patterson 2013
Adrian Villarreal MS Bugnariu, Patterson 2013
Sarah James Resident Patterson 2012
Kara Mintier Resident Patterson 2011
Daniel Lopez Resident Patterson 2010
Barrett Cromeens DO, PhD Patterson 2010
Erin Bollinger DPT Miller  
Kalyn Danglmayer DPT Miller  
Jaimie Gray DPT Miller  
Monica Nguyen DO Miller  
Karolina Kata DO Miller  
Kaylan Fagley DPT Papa  
Chase Johnson DPT Papa  
Addison Wood DO, PhD Patterson  
Chu Chia-Ye  DO Patterson  
Nicolas Jordan DO Patterson  
Keithlee Dolinta DO Patterson  

Student Researchers      
Name Degree Mentor(s) Year
Aminah Adams BS, Clark Atlanta University Patterson, Jones Summer 2022
Delaney Boley BS, Texas A&M-Commerce  Patterson, Jones Summer 2022
Trissha Bautista DO Patterson Summer 2022
Blake Campbell DO Patterson, Peterson  Summer 2022
Kristina (Tina) Hartley DO Patterson Summer 2022
Paige Hurt DO Patterson Summer 2022
Sebastian Meza DO Patterson, Peterson  Summer 2022
Michael Bejarano DO Patterson Summer 2021
Mai Dinh DO Patterson Summer 2021
Alex Doederlein DO Patterson Summer 2021
Mathew Jones BS, Louisiana State University Patterson, Jones Summer 2021
Kaylen Barens DO Miller 2020
Courtney Miller DO Miller 2020
Nicholas Jordan     2016
Chu Chia-Ye     2016
Austin Henke     2015
Asmani Patel     2013
James Hall     2012
Sarah Strot     2012
Christie Peer Shanafelt     2008