The Human Movement Performance Laboratory occupies 2,300 square feet of space located in the Center for BioHealth at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, TX. Offices are immediately adjacent to the laboratory with an office suite for support staff. Research fellows and Technical staff have their own desks in the laboratory area. The laboratory is equipped with a motion analysis system for kinematic testing of normal and pathological motion, force plates for measurement of center of pressure, and computational facilities for creating patient-specific models and simulations. A Delsys electromeyographic system capable of surface and fine wire data collection is also available. The V-Gait CAREN system including dual-belt instrumented treadmill with capabilities to deliver 2 degrees of freedom perturbation, along with visual display and CAREN software, has recently been acquired and provide us with the necessary tools to create and test human movement and posture in virtual environments.

The laboratory is equipped with several software programs, among them Matlab (several tool boxes) and LabVIEW. Both these software programs are routinely used in the lab. Manual therapy tables are also available in the lab for use with OMT/PT treatment protocols.

Specific software available include:

  • The GRAIL software empowers user friendly assessments and exercises, in challenging conditions, to improve (pathological) gait patterns. Real-time feedback in GRAIL enables analysis and training during the same session.
  • The Gait Offline Analysis Tool (GOAT) offers intuitive data analysis and facilitates communication with the (medical) specialist as well as between the specialist and the subject. It presents the GRAIL’s synchronized video data, motion capture data, ground reaction forces and an interactive set of customizable graphs. The recording of multiple steps makes it possible to calculate averages, standard deviations and variations of gait parameters over time. The GOAT can produce a complete gait report in only a few minutes so the data can be analyzed immediately after the session.