Research and Innovation


The CFTN provides services to researchers from academia and industry across Texas, the United States and the rest of the World.
Everybody who wants to utilize high-tech fluorescence in their research is welcome to visit our Center located in Fort Worth, a unique city with a great history. CFTN is a part of University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) at Fort Worth. The UNTHSC is conveniently located in the Fort Worth Cultural District, a wonderful place to conduct research and relax after hard work.
The CFTN offers services, advice, and help in the fields of:

    • Fluorescence technologies, fluorescence imaging, and instrumentation
    • Demonstration of instruments operation 
    • Experiment design, experimental setup and sample preparation
    • Fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy measurements
    • Fluorescence based sensing and imaging
    • Photonics and plasmonics
    • Fluorescent probes
    • Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
    • Data interpretation and analysis

The Center hosts an enthusiastic group of scientists, working in the field of fundamental and applied fluorescence/photonics with an emphasis on applications to the biomedical sciences.  The group has extensive expertise in fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, photonis and plasmonics and focuses its efforts on the development of new photonics technologies and their implementation in practical applications (commercialization).