Quick Facts



light bulbSustainability makes cents! UNTHSC has saved over $5 million as of 2011 by implementing and Energy Savings Performance Contract.


recycleIn 2011, we recycled 233 tons of waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum cans, and glass). This means that we saved 833 cubic yards of landfill space or enough airspace to fulfill the municipal waste disposal needs for 1,069 people for one year!


bicycleUNTHSC offers a 20% discount on parking permits to drivers of low emission vehicles, and we offer discounted bus and train fares to students and employees.


water dropLow flow plumbing fixtures have been installed throughout campus to conserve water. In fact, the MET Building reduces water consumption by 30% when compared to buildings of the same size.


buildingUNTHSC is committed to design and build all new construction using eco-friendly strategies. The MET building is LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Gold certified earning the UNT System its first LEED Gold designation!


handshakeWe recognize that our campus is part of the larger community. Therefore, we are partnering with other campuses and organizations to work towards a more sustainable community.