Administration Welcome

Facilities Management Administration Welcome

Welcome to Facilities Management. Our department is dedicated to providing services to insure the campus facilities are properly maintained, energy efficient, clean, and properly designed and constructed to support the institutional mission. Central Services, Construction Management, Custodial Services, Facilities and Fleet Management, and Utilities and Energy Management are the main divisions of Facilities Management.

Facilities Management is responsible for all work and services associated with the facilities and grounds for the 33 acre, 1,155,000 square feet main campus, the 1 acre, 15,000 square feet off-site business office and the 1 acre, 10,000 square feet off-site medical clinic. Facilities Management provides services associated with construction and renovation, facilities planning and design, custodial services, facilities contract administration, fleet management, property management, operations and maintenance, and utilities and energy management.

Our first priority is to provide the best possible service to the students, faculty, staff and community. Please help us do so by providing as much information and lead time for work requests as possible. This will enable us to better plan and schedule our work which will allow us to provide timely, efficient and high quality services. We also encourage the use of our web site as a resource for valuable information. Many answers to questions and forms related to work order request, fleet policies, project requests, event setups, moves, etc can be found on our departmental web site. Our Safety Program can also be a useful tool. Please contact us at 817-735-2181 to discuss the services we provide and suggestions of how we can better serve the campus community.

This page was last modified on June 7, 2018