Direct Sales Instructions

Form Completion 

1. Enter the buyer’s name or point of contact for the company purchasing the asset(s).

2. Enter the company name for outside entities or the department’s name with accountability for the asset.  

3. Enter the business address for outside entities or the home address of UNTHSC employees purchasing the asset. 

4. Enter the telephone number for the outside entities or the home telephone number for UNTHSC employees.  

5. Enter the detail information in the table for the asset(s). 

6. Obtain the Fair Market Value from Property Control or enter the negotiated amount for the asset.  

Department Approvals  

7. Complete an Equipment Transfer Notification form to transfer the asset to Surplus (12121) and obtain the approval from the department chair to release the asset from the department’s accountability. 

8. Attach the approved Equipment Transfer Notification to the Direct Purchase of Surplus Assets form.

Buyer Confirmation  

9. Obtain the buyers signature or the entities representative with signature authority.  

Review and Executive Approval  

10. Submit the Department Chair approved Direct Purchase of Surplus Assets and Equipment Transfer Notification forms to Property Control.  

Property Control  

11. Submit the approved Direct Purchase of Surplus Assets form to the Vice – President of Operations for approval.

12. Collect and issue receipt for payment.

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