IRB Contacts

The North Texas Regional Institutional Review Board (NTR IRB) works closely with investigators to ensure subjects’ welfare and research compliance with federal regulations. You may contact us for assistance or guidance regarding human subject research and IRB review. Please schedule an appointment to ensure staff availability.

For general questions and guidance, please contact us by emailing, by calling us at 817-735-0409, or fax us at 817-735-0124.

Tania C. Ghani, MS, CIP – Executive Director, Office of Research Compliance

Ph: (817) 735-2038 – Email:

Oversees the research compliance operations and committees within UNTHSC which includes the North Texas Regional Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Research Conflict of Interest Committee and is the Institution’s Research Integrity Officer. Additionally, conducts IRB reviews for biomedical and social-behavioral human subject research projects.

Itzel Peña Pérez, MS, CIP – Director, North Texas Regional IRB

Ph: (817) 735-0673 – Email:

Oversees the daily operation of the North Texas Regional IRB who provides review services to various institutions across North Texas. Additionally, reviews social-behavioral and biomedical research projects; conducts Spanish translations and verifications for research projects involving human subjects; and is the institution’s Administrator.

Amanda Oglesby, MS, CIP IRB Compliance Manager

Ph: (817) 735-5457 – Email:

Manages biomedical and social-behavioral research projects.

Stacy Abraham, MPH – IRB Compliance Manager

Ph: (817) 735-5483 – Email:

Manages biomedical and social-behavioral research projects.

Alyson Stearns, CIP – IRB Compliance Manager

Ph: (817) 735-2081 – Email:

Manages biomedical and social-behavioral research projects.

Office Hours 

Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm


The North Texas Regional IRB is a committee of highly-qualified individuals with various backgrounds and areas of expertise to promote complete and adequate review of human subject research activities including those which involve vulnerable subjects. In addition, the board has the expertise and capacity, as required by federal regulations, to review prisoner research.



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