Request a Consultation

The purpose of this form is to provide the North Texas Regional Institutional Review Board (NTR IRB) with specific information about a potential new study submission and to request a consultation with an NTR IRB staff member before submitting a project for review. The consultation will involve a brief meeting, either in-person or via telephone, with an NTR IRB staff member and is intended to take place prior to submitting a project for review. During the consultation, NTR IRB staff will answer questions from the principal investigator (PI)/study team, as well as provide education and guidance (as needed). Consultations are always available upon request for any type of study but are not required.

Consultations are recommended for (but not limited to) the following types of topics prior to
submission of a new study:
o 1st time submitting a study to the NTR IRB
o Questions about whether a proposed study is considered human subject research
o Questions about “engagement” in research
o Questions about type or level of review
o Questions about inclusion of Vulnerable Populations in a project
o Studies involving multiple institutions or Reciprocity/Reliance agreements (Consultation
strongly recommended to avoid unnecessary work or dual IRB review.)

Who should attend the consultation?
o Principal Investigator
o Research team member(s) who will be responsible for the IRB submission

To request a Consultation, please complete all sections of the form below, and submit the form.

Note: Please DO NOT send your study protocol to the NTR IRB when submitting this form! Protocols will only undergo review by the IRB once formally submitted in IRBNet.

This page was last modified on May 25, 2023