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Waridibo Allison, MD, PhD, FACP, CPE, FIDSA
  • Research
| September 19, 2022

HRSA awards $3 million grant to HSC

The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth recently was awarded a $3 million grant to address the growing shortage of health care workers who care for people with HIV. The scope of the work — funded...

David P. Siderovski
  • Research
| July 12, 2022

How worried should you be about brain-eating amoeba?

Recent reports of Iowa beaches closing this summer and three deaths from brain-eating amoeba in Texas in recent years (2019, 2020 and 2021) have brought into focus the lack of treatment for such infections. A researcher at The University of...

Andrew Yockey, HSC Public Health
  • Research
| May 27, 2022

Special K in the clubs? Controlled substance ketamine makes its way into nightlife scenes

Ketamine, a veterinary anesthetic introduced in 1962 and FDA-approved under limited conditions for humans in 1970, has made its way into today’s nightclub and festival scenes. The drug has even been used in unauthorized circumstances by law enforcement for its...

Dr. Allison
  • Research
| May 20, 2022

HELP app for people of color living with HIV and HCV set to launch 

In the face of soaring hepatitis C rates among people of color living with HIV, Dr. Wari Allison and her team set out to address the issue in a uniquely modern fashion. The vice president for health policy and director...

SBS Dr. Porunelloor and Stephen Mathew
  • Research
| April 19, 2022

HSC faculty receives U.S. patent for cancer-fighting therapy

When patients are diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer, the treatment course is typically surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy or a combination of these. Now, two researchers at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth...

Dr. Matthew Rossheim, HSC alumnus
  • Research
| January 28, 2022

Dr. Matthew Rossheim: All roads lead back to HSC for one of the world’s leading experts on supersized alcopops

By Sally Crocker Last fall felt like a return home of sorts for Dr. Matthew Rossheim, who came on board as a tenured Associate Professor of Health Behavior and Health Systems in the HSC School of Public Health (SPH).   Dr....

Dr. Nolan Kline, School of Public Health
  • Research
| January 21, 2022

HSC researcher envisions new Public Health 4.0 to include racial and gender justice as necessary components for advancing health equity

By Sally Crocker   A new article published in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH), co-authored by HSC Assistant Professor Nolan Kline, PhD, describes how one community-based organization in Florida challenged structural racism and COVID-19 together by imagining the future of public health...

People wearing face masks boarding airplane
  • Research
| December 10, 2021

Want to take flight without a fight this holiday season? Buckling in with emotional intelligence can help

By Sally Crocker The 2021 holiday travel season is well underway. More than 2.3 million people were screened at airports around the country on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the busiest air travel day since the start of the pandemic. Millions...

Father And Daughter On Tablet
  • Research
| November 17, 2021

HSC researchers address social media influences on underage drinking

By Sally Crocker About 11% of all alcohol consumed across the country is among young people in the 12-20 age group, with 90% falling into the category of heavy-episodic drinking. Excessive drinking is responsible for thousands of deaths among underage youth each...

Eye doctor giving eye exam
  • Research
| November 8, 2021

World Keratoconus Day: A conversation with Dr. Dimitrios Karamichos

World Keratoconus Day is celebrated on Nov. 10 every year. It is sponsored by the National Keratoconus Foundation, an educational program of the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, University of California Irvine. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about keratoconus,...