Faculty Spotlight

FixJennifer T. Fix, PharmD, MBA
Associate Professor


Hometown East Alton, Illinois – Have been in Texas since 1987
Current Role

I teach Over the Counter Therapies to first-year students and Advanced Compounding to second-year students, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) & Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE).

I have a clinic practice with UNT Health and treat patients with hepatitis-C. I also start patients who have ulcerative colitis on biologics. Read more about UNTHSC Hep-C Clinic.

What was your favorite course in graduate school/pharmacy school? Pharmacy Practice Lab – learning how to fill prescriptions and how to compound.
What led you to your career path? Had a friend of the family who was a pharmacist.
What UNTHSC value to do you relate to most? Serve Others First
What do you love most about your work? Teaching students and helping patients.
What is your teaching style? Hands-on whenever possible.
What is your expectation of pharmacy students? Do your best, not just the minimum needed to get by. This is your profession – you should have an interest in knowing the material.
Word of advice for students Learning is a journey. You cannot learn all of the information at once. It builds from a foundation.
Top things to do in Fort Worth Babe’s Fried Chicken is a must for any person visiting the area.
What is the most mispronounced medication or medical term you’ve ever heard? “genetic” for generic
Hobbies and Fun Facts Private Pilot – I consider myself retired. We used to own a Cessna Cardinal, but we since sold the airplane. The checklist that pilots use is very helpful in the pharmacy world because it keeps processes consistent and reduces error.