College Goals and Values

Our Goals

  1. To produce highly competent pharmacy professionals for the provision of pharmacist-delivered patient care, including comprehensive medication therapy management services, the advancement of the practice of pharmacy and its contributions to society.
  2. To produce pharmacy professionals who fully understand the contributions to health care of other health professionals, who embrace and can function in a team approach to health care, and who can serve as effective partners in providing primary care services to improve the health and wellbeing of their patients.
  3. To conduct and disseminate research and other scholarly activity that improves the maintenance of health and delivery of healthcare in Texas and beyond.
  4. To prepare graduates with life-long learning skills so they continue to extend their competence through accredited continuing professional education, evidence-based learning and utilizing clinical guidelines in their practices.
  5. To create a culture of assessment where in education, research, practice and outreach are continually examined for optimization of outcomes.

Our Values

  • Compassion: We model caring behaviors; encourage diversity of students, faculty and staff; and foster outreach in mission related matters in pharmacy, the health care community and society in general
  • Integrity: We foster professionalism, ethical behavior, leadership and scholarship while supporting the varied needs of student learners and preparing them for life long education Excellence: We support continuous quality improvement through assessment and evaluation in all aspects of our mission and use our goals and vision as the basis for strategic planning; develop, evaluate and promote use of teaching methods that enhance student learning; and support both post graduate education and training of pharmacists, and continued professional development of our faculty (including preceptors), staff and students
  • Innovation: We conduct and actively promote innovation in basic and applied research in all aspects of our mission, and attribute importance to scientific advancement; enhance the basic, clinical and translational science that provide the rational foundations of drug therapy; and foster development of new and improved practice models with other stakeholders
  • Teamwork: We promote interprofessional learning and collaborative practice in didactic and clinical education throughout the curriculum; foster collaboration and good morale among all constituents; support the educational and scholarly maturation of new faculty; and support meeting the needs of diverse stakeholders, including faculty, administrators, staff, students, preceptors, alumni, and others
  • Pride: Our vision is to make health care better; our programs reflect contemporary pharmacy practice and remain aligned with the visions for the future of the profession in practice, education and research.