College Goals and Values

Our Goals


  • To produce highly competent pharmacy professionals for the provision of pharmacist-delivered patient care, including comprehensive medication therapy management services, the advancement of the practice of pharmacy and its contributions to society.
  • To produce pharmacy professionals who fully understand the contributions to health care of other health professionals, who embrace and can function in a team approach to health care, and who can serve as effective partners in providing primary care services to improve the health and well being of their patients.
  • To conduct and disseminate research and other scholarly activity that improves the maintenance of health and delivery of healthcare in Texas and beyond.
  • To prepare graduates with life-long learning skills so they continue to extend their competence through accredited continuing professional education, evidence-based learning and utilizing clinical guidelines in their practices.
  • To create a culture of assessment where in education, research, practice and outreach are continually examined for optimization of outcomes.

Our Values

Encourage growth, well-being and success of each other and people we serve

  • Empower one another to make values-based decisions
  • Consider the impact of your decisions
  • Be good stewards of people and resources
  • Demonstrate compassion, care and humility
  • Promote individual potential

Uphold the highest ethical standards

  • Do what is right, not just what is easy – even if no one is looking
  • Conduct ourselves with honesty, trustworthiness and dependability
  • Be transparent in actions
  • Own, correct and learn from successes and failures
  • Demonstrate loyalty to our mission and vision

Treat everyone with dignity and compassion

  • Gratefully acknowledge contributions and efforts of others
  • Invite other perspectives and encourage dialogue
  • Communicate openly in a timely, courteous and relevant manner
  • Promote diversity of thought, ideas and people
  • Build trust by honoring our word through actions

Work together to achieve shared goals

  • Combine our strengths to discover new ideas and share best practices
  • Seek opportunities to engage others and break through barriers
  • Inspire one another to be more, collectively, than the sum of our individual parts
  • Give, ask for and value feedback
  • Recognize the contributions of others and celebrate successes

Create innovative solutions in the pursuit of excellence

  • Respectfully challenge the way things have always been done
  • Create unique ways to provide remarkable service
  • Navigate change to move us forward
  • Proactively implement new ideas
  • Take thoughtful risks