The HIV workforce, especially in the Southern United States, is in decline and crisis. An adequate HIV workforce is the foundation to end the HIV epidemic in the US, as the current workforce capacity is stretched thin and inadequate to provide high-quality HIV care in areas of the country where it is needed the most.

Targeted Access Knowledge and Education on HIV for Health Professions Programs (TAKE on HIV) provides free training, tools, and technical assistance to support integration of the National HIV Curriculum (NHC) into health professions programs.

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The project goals are as follows:

  • Identify, engage and recruit accredited HPPs to integrate NHC in order to train future health professionals
  • Plan and deliver training and technical assistance to accredited HPPs to facilitate integration of the NHC
  • Train HPP’s faculty in the use of the NHC
  • Expose students in accredited HPPs to NHC curriculum content across multiple modalities
  • Assess and evaluate, in partnership with the AIDS Education Training Center (AETC) National Evaluation Contractor (NEC), the activities and outcomes of this project and the AETC program’s strengthening of the HIV workforce to improve HIV care continuum outcomes
  • Support replicability and sustainability of project activities and utilization of project resources beyond project end