Office of Care and Civility Relaxation Room

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Welcome to the virtual relaxation room! This digital space was created by the Office of Care & Civility for our HSC community to have 24/7 access to activities that will allow you to relax! Whether you spend 10 minutes or an hour here, we know these mindful relaxation activities will reduce your stress, improve your mood, and promote your productivity! We encourage you to explore some of the activities below and take the time to complete them in their entirety, without interruption.

Mini Relaxation Exercises

These mini activities are great for quick breaks and relaxing before stressful tasks like presentations and exams!

Breathe through this one-minute meditation with Headspace!

Ground your mind with this exercise for anxious thoughts.

Learn a new skill with the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique!

Longer Relaxation Exercises

These activities are structured to help you take a longer break that leaves you feeling destressed and relaxed!

Flow with TCOM student, Maggie, as she guides you through a rejuvenating yoga practice!

This 20-minute Non Sleep Deep Rest meditation will leave you feeling like you got a full hour of sleep!

Release tension with this Progressive Muscle Relaxation video!

Visual Relaxation

These videos will allow you to engage with peaceful visuals that will leave you feeling calmer.

Enjoy an artist painting a peaceful scene.

Watch how paint is made with some soothing ASMR background noise.

Take a walk through nature with the following videos:

Winter Walk

Fall River Walk

Summer Forest Walk

Guided Exercises

These guided activities that will walk you through exercises with tangible skills you can take with you anywhere. So grab a pen and a notepad and try out a new skill!

Draw calming circles

Move through a brain-dumping session

Take a break to do some “deskercise”

Puzzles & Games

Take a break with an activity that will distract your mind for a short moment and allow you to relax!

Try out these online puzzles

Play through these online games

Test out your online driving with these driving games

Color these pages an HSC student drew!

Mood Boosters

Do an activity that leaves you smiling and laughing! These are some of our favorite activities to reset your mind!

Create art with this interactive art simulator

Create your own solar system

Love to travel? Check out these virtual destinations

Watch a funny video or comfort show

Call a friend to chat

Listen to your favorite music playlist! Check out ours on Spotify

Listen to your favorite podcast. Try out one of our favorites

Relax with The Mindful Corner playlist


Looking for a non-virtual relaxation space? Check out The Mindful Corner, a comfy space with fidgets, an affirmation wall, and more!

Learn more here!


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