Drug Free Workplace

The University of North Texas Health Science Center, one of the nation’s distinguished academic institutions dedicated to education, research, patient care and service is committed to providing safe and healthy work, teaching, learning and patient care environments.

Therefore, the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of a controlled substance and the abuse of alcohol in the work place or the educational environment is expressly prohibited. The Health Science Center must set an example to ensure the safety, health and welfare of its employees, students and the citizens which it serves by taking the appropriate steps for maintaining a drug-free institution.

(The following pdf files require Adobe Acrobat, download here.)
  • UNTHSC Illicit Drugs and Alcohol Abuse
  • 05.508 Drug Free Work Place Act
  • 05.509 Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • 05.515 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Positions Requiring a Commercial Driver’s License
  • 05.520 Pre-Hire Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • View these policies in section 05 of Health Science Center policies.

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