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HSC New Team Member Resources

Congratulations and Welcome to
The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth!

We are thrilled that you have chosen to join our team!

Located in Fort Worth’s Cultural District, HSC Fort Worth trains the health care providers of the future while expanding the frontiers of scientific discovery and providing innovative patient-centered care. Here at HSC, you will be a part of a team that desires to better our community through student success, whole health, and patient care. You are now part of a team of over 1,400 faculty and staff that supports a dynamic student body of over 2,400.

Starting a new job is exhilarating but can also be stressful. We want to make sure we help you along the way. Your HSC HR team is here to support you with guidance and answers to your everyday questions. We are excited to have you on our team, driving the future of healthcare, of higher education, and of the workforce.

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For additional information, visit 

HSC Educational Reimbursement (up to $5,000 per year)


  • Complete 12 months of full-time employment before beginning course
  • Be employed at time of reimbursement & have had no formal discipline in past 12 months
  • At least a satisfactory rating on most recent evaluation
  • Reimbursed upon completion of program or course
  • Must earn at least a “C” or “pass” in cases of pass/fail credit
  • Application:


Horsman McFadden HSC Team Member Scholarship (up to $1,000 per year)


HSC President’s Education Waiver (waives certain service fees for classes taken at HSC)


  • Faculty/staff must be full time (100%) or employed as part-time benefits-eligible for at least 5 years
  • Must meet applicable requirements for admission to HSC
  • Must not have any outstanding debt to HSC
  • Must be eligible as of the 12th class day of the long semester or the 4th class day of the summer term
  • Employee, spouse and dependents under 26 are eligible
  • Form:

UNT & UNT Dallas Tuition Discount (covers Board designated tuition, differential tuition, and mandatory fees)


  • Faculty/staff must be full time (100%) or employed as part-time benefits-eligible for at least 5 years
  • Must meet applicable requirements for admission
  • Must be eligible as of the 12th class day of the long semester or the 4th class day of the summer term
  • Employee, spouse and dependents under 26 are eligible
  • UNT:
  • UNT Dallas:


The FY24 Performance Evaluation period is April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a part of our performance management system, and should be related to your department’s strategic initiatives. Your OKRs will drive the discussions you have with your supervisor at your Performance Check-ins. The number of OKRs you have may vary based on your role or team (note: please limit to no more than five). Your Objectives and Key Results are 65% of your total performance management review and HSC’s Global Objectives are 35% of the total.

The following resources are available to assist you:

If you have questions related to content development for your OKR, please speak with your supervisor.

For questions related to the PeopleAdmin system, please contact
For questions related to the Interfolio system for faculty, please contact


Employee establishes OKRs 6/1/23 – 7/15/23
Supervisor approves OKRs and conducts 1st performance check-in By 7/15/23
2nd Performance Check-In 9/15/23 – 10/15/23
3rd Performance Check-In 12/1/23 – 1/15/24
Self-Evaluation 3/16/24 – 3/31/24
Supervisor Evaluation 4/1/24 – 4/30/24
2nd Level Supervisor Approval By 4/30/24
End of Year Review Meeting By 4/30/24
Employee Acknowledges Evaluation By 4/30/24

What is an ePAR?
An ePAR is an electronic payroll action request used to enter and/or update employee and position details in the HR/Payroll system. Learn more here:

How do I know if I am an exempt or non-exempt employee?
Reach out to with your employee ID and we can let you know.

My address, personal email and/or phone number has changed since I completed my I-9 and electronic onboarding. How can I update my address/phone number?
Log in to your employee portal at Click on the Personal Details tile. Click on the Home and Mailing Addresses or Contact Details tile. Click on the pencil “Edit” icon to make changes. Click the “Save” button to submit.

Does the INSITE intranet website only work while on campus?
You can log in to from anywhere! The page will prompt you to log in using your Single Sign-On information before allowing you to view the site.

I completed my direct deposit during Onboarding online prior to my first day. Is there a way to make sure my direct deposit information is complete and in place prior to the first payday?
Log in to your employee portal at Click the Payroll tile. Click the Direct Deposit tile. Authenticate your login and review your payroll options.

What is Texas State Service?
Texas State Service refers to the total number of months you have been employed by a Texas state agency. More information, including a list of Texas state agencies can be found here:

How do I declare prior Texas State Service?
Log in to the employee portal at and click on the Personal Details tile. From there select the “State Service” tile. Add your prior service information and click “Add New Service” button. If you simply need to refresh your data please click the button labeled “Submit Process to Update Data”. Once the process has been submitted, you should exit the page to allow for processing. Allow at least 10 minutes for the process to complete and then you may return to this page to view updated information. You can email with any errors or questions.

What if I worked at a Texas ISD before working at HSC?
Employment at an independent school district or community college in Texas does not qualify as Texas State Service credit for annual leave and longevity purposes, even though this employment often qualifies as creditable service with Teacher Retirement System.

What if I am a direct transfer to UNTHSC with no break in service and with accumulated vacation leave from another State of Texas agency? Can I use the accumulated vacation time prior to the six-month waiting period?
If you have worked for the State of Texas for six (6) months continuously (even in the past), you do not have the 6-month waiting period for vacation. Your leave balances will transfer but it may take a few weeks to process.

If my start date was not at the first of the month, do I earn the full 8.0 hours of sick and/or vacation for the next month? What happens to my pay?
You will get the full month’s leave accrual. For example, if you started at the end of April, you’ll still get 8.0 hours of VAC and SCK for that month. Your paycheck will be prorated based on the number of days you worked in the month.

Do I have to apply to participate in the state retirement plan or am I automatically enrolled?
Retirement is not an optional contribution, and you are automatically enrolled.

Who is eligible for longevity pay?
All regular full-time staff employees in a non-academic position (except law enforcement personnel who are eligible for hazardous duty pay) are eligible for longevity pay of $20 per month, increasing every 24 months. Longevity pay begins after the completion of two years of service with the University and/or the State of Texas. For a chart of monthly longevity pay, please reference the UNT System page on longevity: and HSC Policy 5.103.

The Tuition Discount programs require no outstanding debt. What does that mean?
It’s not your own personal debt. Just debt to the UNT System like overpayments or student debt owed to the university.

I’m interested in the cell phone discount. How do I get that?
You can visit our Perks website or call your cell phone provider directly to sign up for the discount. Please note that “Unlimited” plans are not eligible for the discount.

Are there any HSC employee rates for local/regional transit options (TRE, Trinity Metro, Rideshare, Fort Worth Bike Share)?
You can find rates and information at If you would like to purchase a pass, please contact the HSC Sustainability Office in person or by email to access the discounted rates. The Sustainability Office is located within Facilities Management at 3416 Darcy Street and open during regular business hours.

My office is off campus (Bailey, May Street, etc.) at another building. Do I have to purchase a parking pass?
Yes, you must purchase an HSC parking permit annually at Please contact the HSC Parking Office for specific information about parking permits.

Who do I contact with questions about my paycheck, payroll deadlines, direct deposit and time entry?
The UNT System Office of Finance is your primary contact for all payroll and time entry questions. Visit their website for more information: