Student Room Requests

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Study Room Requests

All student organization and general meeting room requests must be submitted through the Center for Student Life.  The Center for Student Life will submit your request and once approved the confirmation will be forwarded to you.

Study group rooms are self-reserved. Enter your study room request using the “Student Request for Study Group Rooms” template and the room is reserved automatically.  You will not receive a confirmation.  The request will show under my events to see the status of your requests.  MET small group rooms can only be reserved Monday-Friday, 8-6.

Reservations for student groups or individuals are limited to four hours in any one day

LIB 4th floor is a quiet study area, please refrain from loud talking or noise.

Students are only allowed to reserve a room for the current month. EMS will open for the next month on the last Monday of the current month

Anytime a room is left unoccupied for 15 minutes or more the room reservation is considered canceled. Leaving items in the room is not considered occupied.

If you have tried to log in to EMS using the new link: and get an error message of “Ambiguous User Found in the System,” please send an email to the Room Scheduling Office at to activate your account. If you have had another name associated with your EMPLID, please include this information so this account can be deactivated.


Link to: Library Rooms Use Guidelines

Link to:  EMS


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