Academic Affairs Faculty & Staff Directory


Mason TCOM Family Medicine OMM David C. Mason, DO, MBA, FACOFP
Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Interim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
MET 340H
 Carolyn Anderson Carolyn Anderson
Senior Administrative Coordinator
PCC 4-616
 Joycelyn Bryant Joycelyn Bryant
Senior Administrative Associate
 Trystyn Buckley Trystyn Buckley
Senior Administrative Coordinator
 Twila Bucksath Twila Bucksath
Senior Administrative Coordinator
PCC 221
 no photo Amy Chambers
Academic Program Manager, Year 2
MET 340E
 Michelle Daskal Michelle Daskal
Senior Administrative Coordinator
 Ann Drake Ann Drake
Administrative Coordinator, Pediatrics
PCC 4 Pediatrics
 Laura Fuller Laura Fuller
Academic Program Specialist
MET 340P
 Mesa Herod Mesa Herod
Academic Program Specialist
 Kollier Hinkle Kollier Hinkle, MD, MHPE, FACOG
Assistant Dean for Clinical Education        Associate Professor, OBGYN
MET 340L
 Katy Kemp Katy Kemp, MEd
Director of Clinical Education
MET 340S
 Ana Macias Ana Macias
Academic Program Specialist
MET 340N
 Lisa Maldonado Lisa Maldonado
Assistant Director of Clinical Education
MET 340Q
 Tony Martinez Tony Martinez
Education Technical Support Specialist
MET 408
 no-photo-238x300 Cari McTaggart
Senior Administrative Coordinator
MET 552
 no-photo-238x300 Erin Milam
Executive Assistant
 no-photo-238x300 Carolyn Mosley-Reney, MEd
Academic Program Manager, Year 1
MET 340
 Michael Oglesby Michael Oglesby, PhD
Professor, Medical Education                             Year 2 Course Director
MET 340G
 Amber Pritchett Amber Pritchett
Senior Administrative Coordinator
MET 439
 Roman Ramirez Roman Ramirez
Senior Administrative Coordinator
PCC 327
 Michael L. Smith Michael L. Smith, PhD
Professor, Inst. CV & Metabolic Disease           Year 1 Course Director
EAD 324E
 Tierney Nancy Tierney, RN, PhD
Associate Professor, Medical Education          Director of Simulation
MET 438

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