Office of Rural Medical Education

ROME brochure detail

Welcome Y’all!

The Rural Osteopathic Medical Education of Texas (ROME) at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, as a top ranked U.S. medical school in rural medicine, offers innovative programs in medical education to prepare participants for life and practice in rural environments.

Our Vision:

Be a leader for innovative training in Rural Medical Education

Our Mission:

Educate physicians to create healthier rural communities

Our Goals:  

  • Prepare osteopathic graduates to serve equitably and compassionately in under-resourced communities
  • Promote core principles intrinsic to the osteopathic practice in the dynamic rural environments of the 21st century

ROME offers students the opportunity to participate in educational experiences that will prepare them for practicing medicine in a rural and underserved environment through the ROME program.

To contact our office, you may e-mail us at or call 817-735-2275.