Years 3 and 4 Curriculum Requirements

The requirements below are intended ONLY for students enrolled in the ROME Rural Scholars Program. These requirements differ from the general population of TCOM students.

Contact Ann Smith ( for advisement on all year 3 & 4 clinical rotation scheduling-
this makes it possible to tailor your schedule to your specific needs.

Clinical Rotations/Electives – Year 3
The Year 3 core clinical clerkships for the Rural Scholars Program are designed to provide focused training which will prepare the student for the practice of medicine in a rural setting.  Students will be expected to spend their 3rd year outside the DFW Metroplex at designated rural-based training sites. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Program Director.

NOTE: The distribution, and sequencing of Year 3 clerkships are subject to change.

  • 8 weeks – Family Medicine
  • 8 weeks – Internal Medicine (Ambulatory and Hospital)
  • 6 weeks – General Surgery
  • 2 weeks – Patient Safety
  • 4 weeks – Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
  • 4 weeks – Pediatrics (Ambulatory and Hospital)
  • 4 weeks – Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • 4 weeks – Psychiatry
  • 8 weeks – Electives (2)

Rural Family Medicine/OMM Clerkship:  
A required twelve (12) week Year 3 core clerkship in Family Medicine and OMM that focuses on cognitive and behavioral skill building as well as procedural competency. This clerkship includes an intensive didactic and hands-on review of OMM. Students will incorporate OMT into the management of patients they see under supervision at their rural continuity site. All required elements of the 1 month OMM core Clerkship are integrated over the entire 12 weeks.

Clinical Rotations/Electives – Year 4

  • Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
  • Electives (7) 28 weeks
  • Optional months (2) 8 weeks
  • ROME students have the same flexibility and autonomy in planning year 4 as all TCOM OMS IV
  • Rural sites are available for emergency medicine and for electives
  • ROME faculty will assist in identifying rural sites if requested