ROME Admissions Process and Application

Admission Process for Class of 2024


The ROME program at UNTHSC is an innovative educational program designed to prepare students for life and practice in a rural and underserved community.  Admission to the program will begin during the first semester of the first year.  This rural medicine curriculum includes academic activities and clinical experiences that will continue throughout all four years of undergraduate medical education.

Students accepted into the rural program, in addition to completing all regular curriculum courses during years 1 and 2, will have additional curriculum pertinent to rural and international medicine. These courses emphasize the acquisition of knowledge and skills for a career in rural medicine in Texas. Goals of the additional curriculum in the first two years are to help prepare the student for more hands on patient care experiences and more independent learning in the rural and international contexts.

Our unique features

  • Our rural students are first assist in many procedures in their rural rotations. They are given direct access to their field faculty and provided with immediate feedback as they learn. Additional training in procedural skills and point of care ultrasound will be afforded in the first two years along with additional training in history and physical exam skills.
  • The rural faculty preceptors have a genuine personal commitment to helping educate the osteopathic physicians of tomorrow. They often welcome student doctors into their homes, their churches and daily work lives. Rural students have the opportunity to actually “try on” the life of a rural physician to see how it fits.
  • Early clinical experiences and service opportunities will be introduced for the rural students starting in the first year. Our department faculty will be closely involved in these experiences to help students gain appreciation for clinical skills and professionalism.
  • Students in the ROME program will be given additional opportunities for international and cross-cultural experiences and global health training beginning in the first year. Integration of international rotations will augment the robust clinical training in the third and fourth year especially.
  • International partnerships now exist in Thailand, Malawi and Russia which allow our students a wide variety of experiences in global health.
  • Rural students will be encouraged to pursue dual degrees or certificate programs in public health or global health during their four year tenure at UNTHSC.

Admissions process

Applications for ROME will be done online and can begin by the middle of September through the second week of October.  Students will have multiple opportunities to attend informational sessions during the first semester beginning at orientation.  The application form will request basic demographic information and provide applicants opportunities to describe their interest in rural and underserved medical care as well as global health and cross-cultural interests and experiences.  The applications will be processed and applicants will be contacted for interviews with the faculty and staff in the Rural Medical Education program.  Interest and motivation for training for rural/underserved/international medicine will be assessed as well as academic fitness for the curriculum. Offers for admission to the Rural program will begin in the beginning of November.  After admission, preparation will begin for the additional activities of the rural medical curriculum that will begin in January of the first year.

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To contact our office, you may e-mail us at or call 817-735-2275.

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