Early Decision Program

Applicants only applying to TCOM can take advantage of the Early Decision Program (EDP). If you are interested in the EDP, please submit your application to TMDSAS as soon as possible after May 2 and no later than August 1.

Typically applicants accepted through this program have exceptional academic and non-academic credentials.  EDP applicants must complete all prerequisite courses by August 1. TCOM Secondary Application, MCAT scores and documents are due no later than August 15.

Decisions on EDP applicants will be made by October 2. If you are accepted under the EDP, you are obligated to accept the offer. Applicants who are not accepted under the Early Decision program are free to apply to other schools.

Why choose to apply through the Early Decision Program?
By applying for early decision you can avoid the high costs associated with applying to a number of different medical schools. Also, if osteopathic medicine is your first choice, this may be a viable option for you to consider since we send decisions out to Early Decision applicants before the regular match.

There is no limit on the number of applicants that can be admitted through the EDP. Applicants are reviewed by the Admissions Committee based on individual merit.

EDP Applicants Important Dates:

  • TMDSAS Application Opens                May 1
  • Submissions Allowed                           May 15
  • EDP Application Due                           August 1
  • Secondary App, MCAT & Docs Due    August 15