Student Health Insurance

UNITED HEALTHCARE STUDENT RESOURCES is the insurance provider of the UNT Health Science Center.  Policy Information can be found below under “Benefits”.

All students are required to have health insurance and must obtain and maintain health insurance coverage while enrolled at the UNT Health Science Center. Students who find themselves without coverage due to age limitations or employment changes should contact Student Health Insurance to obtain insurance coverage information as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

• New student enrollment and waiver of insurance information will be provided during orientation.

TCOM and School of Health Professions
Waivers for 2018-19 are now closed College of Pharmacy
Waivers for 2018-19 are closed F1 International Students in GSBS and SPH 

Waivers and Enrollment for Fall 2018 are now open TCOM/SHP. Fall 2018 Enrollment and Waivers for F-1 Visa holders is not available until August.

Should any of the above student groups require coverage due to a change in your current coverage status, email 



2018-19 United Healthcare Student Resources Policy Brochures;

Voluntary and Dependent Enrollment Forms;  CignaVision and Dental

**LabCorp is the preferred In-Network Laboratory for United Healthcare.

Pricing Guide

2018-19 Pricing Guide




For customer service questions related to United Healthcare Student Resources, call 1-866-429-4868




ATTENTION INCOMING DOMESTIC GRADUATE SCHOOL AND PUBLIC HEALTH STUDENTS. Coverage may be purchased on an as-needed basis.  *This does not remove the requirement listed below to maintain health coverage while enrolled. International Students are required to enroll in the school plan unless you have a policy which meets the requirements listed below.

TCOM, SHP (PA-PT),  International Students
Students enrolled in the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, School of Health Professions and the College of Pharmacy are required to enroll in an annual plan or waive out with the understanding that their insurance must be in effect for the full school year and meet the minimum comparable coverage guidelines as outlined below. Deadline for annual waivers July 31, 2018(Pharmacy will open August 13, 2018 Pharmacy Deadline  August 28,2018 ).
Degree-seeking domestic students enrolled in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Public Health are eligible to obtain school sponsored coverage on a voluntary basis.  Enrollment and payment will be the sole responsibility of the student. Deadline for enrollment in the Fall semester is September 4, 2018. All registered international students, scholars, or other persons with a current passport and student visa engaged in educational activities at the HSC are required to enroll in the university sponsored plan, or provide documentation of comparable coverage through the online waiver management system. Degree-seeking students in ONLINE ONLY programs are exempt from this requirement.Enrollment is available for purchase at the start of each semester or on an annual basis at the beginning of the academic year (August).  To enroll, go to and click on the ENROLL button at the top left of the page.  Payment will be required to complete the process.THIS PROCESS IS ONLY FOR GSBS and SPH DOMESTIC STUDENTS.  All other student groups must follow the enrollment and waiver process outlined to the left.
Next enrollment/waiver period for International GSBS and SPH Students:  Fall 2018
For short-term coverage, contact
Student Health Insurance


Waiver Requirements


Comparable Coverage:  Insurance coverage must meet the minimum standards as outlined by the federal government’s Affordable Care Act in addition to the following:

• Include inpatient care in the DFW area (including mental health coverage)
• Provide outpatient care (including office visits, outpatient mental health, emergency/urgent care and ancillary procedures).
• Prescription drug coverage

Comparable coverage for International students

• Have a government-sponsored insurance plan provided by your home government that is funding your tuition and cost of living while attending UNTHSC
• Have a health insurance coverage through a U.S. employer group policy OR be a dependent on a spouse or family member’s policy through a U.S. employer group
• Repatriation insurance coverage of at least $10,000*
• Evacuation insurance coverage of at least $7,500.*
*If your plan does not include repatriation and evacuation, but meets all other criteria, a separate policy covering evacuation and repatriation insurance may be purchased.

For more information regarding International Student Health Insurance, click here

Michelle’s Law

Michelle’s Law prohibits group plans from terminating a college student’s health insurance coverage based on the student taking a medically necessary leave of absence from school or changing to a part-time status.  Coverage may be extended for at least one year.

The key requirements are:

Must be medically necessary
Must have written certification by the physician recommending the leave or change in enrollment status
Student must have been enrolled in the group plan before the first day of leave
Student is responsible for the cost of coverage

Click here for information relative to the Student Health Clinic.

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