PhD in Public Health Sciences

You see the power of research. Well-structured and insightful studies can open the door to new possibilities. Research has the potential to change minds and the world, but it requires individuals with the right skills to bring it to realization.

Welcome to the PhD in Public Health Sciences, where you can launch your career into advanced inquiry and expert analysis of challenges facing the public health field. The PhD is the final step toward a career in research and higher academics, with the goal to grow future research faculty in the field of Public Health.

Specialize in Epidemiology to bring your logic and analysis skills to bear on research opportunities. Through advanced epidemiological studies, gain intensive research, writing and publishing experience, securing your position in this critical field within Public Health. Epidemiology Degree Plan

Focus on Health Behavior Research to achieve insights into the psychological, social and cultural factors that affect human health and health behavior. Develop research that advances policy, improves program planning and delivers improved outcomes. Health Behavior Research Degree Plan

This highly selective program offers tuition and fees funding to select candidates.


Average Fall 2018 Admit


Health Behavior Research

GPA: 3.82 GPA: 3.85
GRE Verbal: 57% GRE Verbal: 75%
GRE Quantitative: 60% GRE Quantitative: 51%
GRE Analytical Writing: 60% GRE Analytical Writing: 69%

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