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School of Biomedical Sciences Research

Our mission is to help SBS faculty to create and sustain successful research programs that will train the next generation of scientists and create solutions for a healthier community. We do this by working in partnership with the Office of Research and Innovation under the leadership of Brian Gladue, PhD, Interim Vice President for Research and Robert McClain, PhD, Associate Vice President of Research Development and Commercialization. Together we offer internal funding programs and professional development opportunities.

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SBS Graduate Student Fellowship Incentive Program

The ability to write a successful grant proposal is a critical skill for success in many careers — it demonstrates logical thinking, clear writing, and an understanding of the research field. Receiving a nationally funded fellowship provides external evidence that a student has successfully acquired these skills.

SBS has established an incentive plan designed to encourage submission of applications from students enrolled in disciplines in which individual fellowships are available. One measure of graduate research training success is the number of external federal fellowships awarded to students. Students who apply for extramural funding of substantial support are eligible for a (one time) $300 award. Complete the Fellowship Application Incentive Form

SBS has also created a Dean’s Fellowship Incentive Award of $1,000 for those students whose fellowship grants are funded.  Those funded students will also be recognized each year at the GSBS Annual Awards Ceremony to foster an appreciation for and an expectation of student success. Complete a Request for Fellowship Award Funding Form

For more information about this program, contact Dr. Paula Gregory, Associate Dean for Faculty and Educational Development, via email:

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs supports research fellows in all aspects of their training and development toward independent careers. We collaborate with University-wide organizations, departments, faculty, and staff to enhance the research, training, wellness, and professional development of postdoctoral scholars and to support their transition to successful careers in academia, industry, government, and other employment sectors.