Gregory Dick

Gregory Dick, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor


  • B.S., Physiology, Oklahoma State University, 1991
  • Ph.D., Physiology, University of Missouri, 1996

Research Interest

Our research is focused on the potassium channels of coronary artery smooth muscle and how they control blood flow to the heart muscle. Evidence supports the idea that multiple signaling pathways converge on smooth muscle potassium channels to modulate coronary vascular tone. Although many types of potassium channels are expressed in coronary vascular smooth muscle, voltage-dependent channels appear to play a predominant role, as inhibition of these channels reduces coronary blood flow and inhibits vasodilation in response to metabolism and ischemia. We use an integrative approach to study these voltage-dependent potassium channels. This approach includes sensitive measurements of the opening and closing of single potassium channels in isolated smooth muscle cells all the way up to measurement of coronary blood flow in the beating heart.

Research Keywords

ion channel, coronary circulation, vascular reactivity

Current Projects

  • Mineralocorticoid receptor-dependent coronary vascular dysfunction in obesity 5R01HL136386-04 PI: BENDER

Teaching Interests

  • Cardiovascular Physiology Muscle Physiology Cell Physiology