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department of physiology and anatomy function and structure

Welcome to the Department of Physiology and Anatomy at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. The department is committed to excellence in research, education, and service and is home to the Center for Anatomical Sciences and Bioskills of North Texas. Department faculty have diverse areas of expertise and offer a collegial and collaborative environment to promote discovery and scholarship.

Purpose: Transform and improves lives through research, education, and service

Mission:  Perform state-of-the-art physiologic and anatomic research and education to enhance human health and prepare our trainees for careers in biomedical sciences and healthcare professions.

Vision:   To acquire and disseminate an enhanced understanding of physiologic and anatomic processes within the human condition and develop novel therapeutic strategies to combat disease.

Our Values: In addition to HSC values, the Department recognizes and fosters:

  • Commitment
  • Achievement
  • Diversity
  • Resilience
  • Excellence

The department provides high quality graduate training for students seeking to become scholars and educators in the fields of physiology and anatomy, or those seeking to enter careers in applied research, government, or private industry. Graduate degrees (MS, PhD) and dual degrees (DO/PhD and PharmD/PhD) are offered through two departmental graduate programs: Integrative Physiology and Structural Anatomy and Rehabilitation Sciences. Both programs boast small student/faculty ratios, advanced area-specific courses, and extensive hands-on training via research, teaching, and outreach activities. The department takes great pride in providing an innovative and supportive educational environment for all trainees.

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Anatomic structure and physiologic function of biological systems is the foundation of medicine and scientific discovery. The Department of Physiology & Anatomy at the HSC strives to transform and improve lives through innovative research, education, outreach and service. Our faculty are recognized experts of evolutionary anatomy, functional morphology, biomechanics, and cardiovascular and neuro-humoral control mechanisms in health and disease. Research in the department is supported by a variety of agencies, including, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the American Heart Association, and private foundations. We are home to dedicated educators who support the teaching mission of the HSC and distinct graduate programs in Integrative Physiology and Structural Anatomy and Rehabilitation Sciences. These innovative training programs prepare our trainees for careers in academic research, industry, education, and healthcare.


Physiology and Anatomy Newsletter

The newsletter provides an update on Physiology and Anatomy projects, success stories, grant awards, publications and members. P&A trainees, staff, and faculty can click here to share accomplishments and successes to be included in the next issue of our newsletter.

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