Education Council

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The Education Council is the representative body of the faculty of the School of Biomedical Sciences. The Council is empowered to act for the faculty, and is responsible to and reports its actions to the faculty.

The Education Council:

  • has the authority to originate actions affecting the graduate school.
  • considers and acts on actions outside the graduate school that affect the school and its faculty.
  • approves policy actions concerning standards for admission, academic standards, courses of instruction, curricula, graduation requirements, and graduate degrees to be granted for the school.

The UNTHSC policy manual is available online. Click here to view the manual.

Education Council members

J. Michael Mathis, Ph.D., Ed.D. (Education Council Chair)
Dean,  School of Biomedical Sciences

Paula Gregory, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Faculty and Educational Development

Rance Berg, Ph.D.
Director of Traditional Programs
Assistant Dean for Education and Admissions

Lisa Hodge, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Specialized Master’s Programs

Marcel Satsky Kerr, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education

Michael L. Smith, Ph.D.
Director of Dual Degree Programs

Rance Berg, Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor, Cell Biology, Immunology and Microbiology

Rance Berg, Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor, Biochemistry and Cancer Biology

Stephen Mathew, Ph.D.
Program Director, Clinical Research Management

Denise Inman, Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor, Visual Sciences

Rong Ma, M.D., Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor, Integrative Physiology

Rachel Menegaz, Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor, Structural Anatomy and Rehabilitative Science

Caroline Rickards, Ph.D.
Program Director, Medical Science Research Track

Nicole Phillips, Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor, Genetics

Dorota Stankowska, Ph.D.
Program Director, Biotechnology

Nathalie Sumien, Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor, Pharmacology and Neuroscience

Xiaowei Dong, Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacotherapy

Mark Cunningham, Ph.D.
Graduate Faculty At-Large Representative

Harlan Jones, Ph.D.
Graduate Faculty At-Large Representative

Joseph Malaer, PhD
Ad hoc Member

Kim Meyer, PhD
Ad hoc Member

Jennifer Gardner, Ph.D. Candidate
Student Association of Biomedical Sciences President

Dipti Debnath, Ph.D. Candidate
Student Association of Biomedical Sciences Vice President

Ex-Officio Members

Amanda Griffith
HSC Executive Director of Admissions

Kayleen Lam
Director of the Library

Derrick Smith
Executive Director of Student and Academic Services

Kristina Clark
Director, Center for Academic Performance