Medical surveillance Emergency contact and other useful information

During Business Hours:

UNTHSC Health Pavilion
855 Montgomery St.

Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: 817-735-3627



After Business Hours:

Texas Health Fort Worth
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Phone: 817-250-2000



All the employees please keep the following information with you when you go to the clinic

  • Your Primary Physician’s Name and contact info
  • List of medication you are currently taking
  • Emergency contact person info
  • List of organism you currently work with.
  • Documentation of the exposure and a sample of the source of exposure if the sample is not already known to be positive for HIV, HCV and or HBV. ( It is recommended to test the source for HIV, HCV and or HBV)


Fact Sheets developed by American Biological Safety Association Alliance with OSHA

This page was last modified on October 27, 2020