Innovate Fort Worth podcast: DJ Perera of New Age Media New Age Learning program

DjpereraInnovate Fort Worth, the local podcast showcasing local innovation and its dynamic creators, recently featured DJ Perera, a trailblazing artist and educator. Hosted by Cameron Cushman of The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, the podcast episode delves into the intersection of art, education and innovation, shedding light on Perera’s remarkable journey and his transformative approach to teaching through his New Age Media New Age Learning program.

Originally hailing from Sri Lanka, Perera’s story is one of cultural enrichment and artistic evolution. After venturing to Texas and pursuing fine arts studies at TCU, he established himself as a visionary artist. His passion for cultivating innovation led to the creation of the NAMNAL program, an educational initiative aimed at exposing visual art students to unconventional artistic mediums that challenge traditional norms.

The interview explored the innovative aspects of Perera’s life and work including his journey to Texas and the driving forces behind his NAMNAL program. He also elaborated on the distinctions between his approach and traditional education and offered a glimpse into his dynamic classroom and the unparalleled learning experiences he curates.

Perera shared his thoughts on immigrants and entrepreneurship. He believes immigrants’ diverse backgrounds and perspectives foster an environment conducive to innovation and risk-taking.

Furthermore, the podcast delves into the profound connection between art and innovation within the Fort Worth community. Perera passionately shared how art serves as a catalyst for innovation, promoting creative thinking and problem-solving skills that extend beyond the canvas. He highlighted the emerging trends and breakthroughs in the art realm, envisioning a promising future for art entrepreneurship.

Perera reflected on his profound joy in working with young minds within the artistic space, instilling in them the values of innovation and self-expression.

Listeners seeking to delve deeper into Perera’s transformative work can visit his official website,, to explore his portfolio, teaching philosophy, and upcoming initiatives.

Innovate Fort Worth is proudly presented by HSC Next at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, a dedicated team committed to advancing the human condition through innovation and collaborative efforts.

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