HSC School of Biomedical Sciences awards its first-ever bachelor’s degrees

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The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth is celebrating its first-ever graduating class of undergraduate students. This month, The School of Biomedical Sciences awarded Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences degrees to the program’s first cohort. 

“This is a historic day for the Health Science Center as we celebrate the first undergraduate class of students to graduate from our School of Biomedical Sciences,” said Dr. Charles Taylor, HSC provost and executive vice president. “This bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences will be foundational for these students who are seeking careers in health care and is the culmination of hard work by our faculty and staff to bring this program to fruition. These students have set a standard for subsequent classes to follow and I’m extremely proud of them.” 

The innovative online program – the first of its kind at HSC – launched in 2022 and was designed to provide an affordable and flexible option for students with prior college credits to complete their bachelor’s degrees. The program offers a pathway for graduates to enter the biomedical science or health care workforce or continue to an advanced science or professional health care degree program. 

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Christine Nwanna

Graduate Christine Nwanna says the program boosted her science knowledge and prepared her for the rigors of graduate school. After graduation, Nwanna plans to apply to dental schools.  

“If I had not taken the opportunity to join, I would not have evolved into the person I am today. This program has instilled in me a rigorous mindset, completely polished my writing skills, and transformed my study habits, all of which have prepared me for dental school’s challenges,” said Nwanna.  

“I would recommend the BS-BMSC program to anyone who is planning to go to graduate school or professional school and may feel like they are not prepared for it.”  

HSC established the program by recruiting faculty members who were versed in online teaching and creating a robust curriculum to ensure students received a well-rounded science education. Though the program is fully online, students also received one-on-one mentorship from faculty to guide, nurture and prepare them for their next steps. Through the program, students gain extensive knowledge of human biology including biochemistry, anatomy, physiology and behavior.  

“Our goal at the School of Biomedical Sciences is to offer transformational programs that inspire and empower graduates to take on real-world health challenges,” said Dr. Dimitrios Karamichos, interim dean of HSC’s School of Biomedical Sciences. “Through this innovative program, these graduates have the knowledge and skills they need to build meaningful careers in the health care workforce.” 

One of the hallmarks of the program is its accessibility to students with prior college credit. With curriculum structured in accelerated 8-week semesters and all classes and labs conducted asynchronously, students can complete their degree in as little as one year while maintaining their commitments to work and family life. All students in the first class were employed during enrollment.  

“I am so impressed and appreciative of how this first cohort of students has courageously partnered with us to develop the BS-BMSC program into a high-quality, rigorous learning experience,” said Dr. Marcel Satsky Kerr, professor and associate dean of undergraduate education at SBS. 

“These student pioneers have helped us build a program that will benefit all students who follow in their footsteps.” 

Graduates attended a virtual graduation reception this month and have the opportunity to participate in HSC’s annual commencement ceremony in May. 

Learn more about HSC’s Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences program.

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