Offboarding Employees

Resources Upon Separation Of Employment

In order to further assist you with this transition, please contact your HSC HR Benefits Advisors for any benefits or retirement questions that are not answered below. Your HSC HR office is also available to assist with additional questions not addressed here. Please email us at

Use the HSC Employee & Supervisor Offboarding Checklist to guide your transition.

All departing employees also must complete a clearance/exit/separation summary form and submit it to the HSC Police Department.

Information for Offboarding Employees

Final Paycheck and W-2's

If you currently have direct deposit, your final paycheck will be direct deposited to your account in most cases.

You can login to the Employee Portal — to view all of your paystubs and vacation payout information once they are paid to you. You can also log in at the end of the calendar year (usually end of January) to download your current and previous W-2’s and paystubs. W-2’s will not be sent out by mail.

Leave Balances

Employees who have more than six (6) months of Texas state service and are not transferring to another Texas state agency will be paid for vacation time in a lump sum. There is not a form required to be submitted in order to receive the vacation leave payout. This payment will be direct deposited into your account on file with Payroll within 8-12 weeks after your last day of employment. 

To find out how many vacation hours you have available, you can login to your self-service account at The balance will be listed on your home page under the “Leave Balances” section. Please make sure that any outstanding work and/or leave time has been submitted and approved by your supervisor.

If you need further information regarding your balances including when you will be paid out for your unused vacation hours , you can contact Time and Labor in the Business Service Center at 940-369-5500.  Please Note: Vacation pay is processed separately, after your final check and will be direct deposited within 6-8 weeks after separation of employment.

If you have a balance of 1.5 Comp Time that is not used prior to your last day at HSC, those hours will be included with the vacation lump sum payment.

There is no payout for 1.0 Comp Time or unused sick leave. 

If you wish to do so, you may donate your unused sick leave to the HSC Sick Leave Pool or another HSC employee. Sick leave donation is a program that allows all eligible employees to transfer sick leave hours voluntarily to another eligible employee within the same agency/institution. The employee receiving the donation must have a medical certification on file and their sick leave balance must be exhausted. Otherwise, the donation will not be processed. You can also donate to the HSC sick leave pool specifically. A form for Sick Leave Donation can be found in the Forms section below.

Transferring to Another State Agency

Your new state agency Human Resources team must contact prior to your last date of employment with UNTHSC to assist with verification of employment records and transfer of sick and vacation hours to the new state agency.

If you do not want your vacation time paid out and will have your sick/vacation hours transferred to your new state agency, notify of your intention by email prior to your last date of employment with UNTHSC. 

Retirement - Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)

You should consult with your ORP carrier to discuss your options. A list can be found below in the Forms section of this page.
The UNT System Benefits department will update your status and electronically inform your carrier that you have left university employment and to indicate your status (vested/non-vested).

ORP participants vest after one year and one day of contributions.  If you contributed to ORP for thirteen (13) months, you are vested. Upon termination of your employment, you retain control of both your contributions and UNTHSC contributions made on your behalf.

Retirement - Teacher Retirement System (TRS)

You are not required to refund your TRS contributions. The decision to seek a refund of your member contributions is an important one, and it may significantly impact you in a number of ways including the loss of certain types of credit which must be continuously maintained and once refunded, members cannot repurchase this service credit at a later date. In addition, if you resume TRS membership at a later date, you will be subject to new retirement eligibility criteria. Therefore, it is advisable to consider all options available to you before making a decision. These options include the following:

If you have fewer than five (5) years of TRS Service, you have two choices:

  • 1. Withdraw the funds in your TRS Account. Federal income taxes will be withheld from the refund check, and penalties apply if you are younger than 59 1/2 years old.  Refunds can take 8-12 weeks.
  • 2. Roll your TRS funds into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or another qualifying retirement plan (like a 401(k) plan) at a new employer.

A form to withdraw or rollover your TRS funds (TRS-6 Application for Refund) can be found below in the Forms section. PLEASE NOTE: withdrawal may be taxed and subject to penalties.

If you have five (5) years or more of TRS Service, in addition to the choices above, you may choose to leave your account intact. Upon reaching retirement eligibility, you may request a monthly annuity from TRS.  More information is available on the TRS website, or by calling 800-223-8778.

For additional information about separation from employment and its effects on retirement, visit the UNT System website at 

Employee Portal Access

You will still be able to access the employee portal ( after your last day of employment with HSC. You will log in with your Single Sign-On information. There is no expiration date for access to the employee portal. You may have to reset your password periodically as prompted by the AMS system.

Please ensure that we have the most current contact information for you in the employee portal. Log in to your employee portal at Click on the “Personal Details” tile. Verify your Home and Mailing Addresses and Contact Details. Click on the pencil “Edit” icon or the Plus sign to make changes. Click the “Save” button to submit.

Insurance - Benefits

Benefits-eligible employees enrolled in insurance will remain on HSC’s insurance programs through the end of the month in which they stop working. For example, if your last day at work is May 20th, your insurance will end on May 31st. COBRA continuation coverage allows you and/or your covered dependents to keep your health and dental coverage under the Group Benefits Program (GBP). Optional coverages are not included in COBRA coverage. Once your insurance ends with HSC, information about COBRA continuation coverage will be mailed to you after ERS is notified of the coverage end. If you elect to receive COBRA coverage, it is retroactive to the date you lose coverage with HSC.

You will be able to make COBRA elections when you receive the COBRA notices from ERS in the mail. With COBRA coverage, you are given an election period of at least 60 days (starting on the later of the date you are furnished the election notice or the date you would lose coverage) to choose whether or not to elect continuation coverage. COBRA requires that continuation coverage extend from the date of the qualifying event for a limited period of 18 months. If you elect COBRA, you will pay the full cost of your premium(s) plus an administrative fee.

NOTE: If you elect COBRA for at least Employee Only and you have a break in service but return to work at a Texas state agency within one year, the 60-day waiting period for health insurance will be waived at your new job.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Unless you participate through COBRA, your TexFlex healthcare account will be closed at the end of the month of your last day of employment. You will only be able to submit claims for expenses you incurred before your coverage end date. If you have a TexFlex debit card, the card is deactivated on the last day of the month in which your employment ends.  The individual monthly contribution to TexFlex that you signed up for this plan year will continue through your last paycheck from UNTHSC.  No additional deductions are taken.

If you haven’t used all of the money you’ve contributed to the FSA before your last day, you can contact TexFlex Customer Care, at 866-353-9839 (TTY:711) Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm. You have until December 31 of each year to file claims for expenses you had while participating. IRS rules do not allow for a refund of the unused balance of your TexFlex healthcare account. Visit the TexFlex website for additional information.


The Smart Dollar tool can be accessed online at


Reduction in Force, Policy 05.410

Sick Leave Donation to Individual Current Employee(s)

Sick Leave Pool Donation Bank

Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) & Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) Authorized Vendors

TRS-6 Application for Refund

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We recognize that a job loss can be a very stressful time. Our Employee Assistance Program has a wide array of services including confidential counseling, legal guidance, financial resources and more.

Visit ComPsych Guidance Resources Online, click on the Register tab and enter the Organizational Web ID code: UNTS. These resources are available to you and family members living in your home for three (3) months after the end of your employment to help you with your transition.

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)

TWC and Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County has gathered online resources to help individuals prepare for new job opportunities. If you qualify for Unemployment Insurance, you can contact a local Tarrant County TWC office to get a better understanding of your benefits. IMPORTANT NOTE: HSC does not make any decisions regarding whether former employees qualify for unemployment insurance benefits.

Reduction in Force (RIF) only – Jobs at UNTHSC

Employees whose positions are eliminated as part of a reduction in force (RIF) are not given preference when applying for jobs on campus. However, Campus HR will reach out to the department hiring manager to ensure they know that your employment ended through no fault of your own. Please let your HR Business Partner know when you apply for a position on campus and provide a posting number, so the department hiring manager can be notified. The recruitment process for a RIF candidate can be waived, if the department hiring manager chooses to do so. The UNTHSC job board is located online at

We’ve also provided some online learning suggestions for your job search. Your HR Business Partner can help review your resume or offer suggestions. They can provide appropriate referrals and answer any questions you may have along the way.