Brain Bank



The Brain Bank, as part of the Institute for Healthy Aging, was established to aid researchers in the advancement of knowledge and understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias. The Brain Bank serves as a repository of pathologically characterized brain tissue from donors who were “cognitively intact” as well as those diagnosed with dementia. Given that dementing processes can only be understood by comparing brains of individuals with degenerative neuropathology to those without, there is continued effort to enroll those whose cognitive function is intact in addition to those with evidence of cognitive impairment. The gratitude of the Institute for Healthy Aging to those who donated their brains to research cannot be overstated. It is through analysis of such tissue that our researchers will develop a better understanding of the cellular and molecular changes that occur in neurodegenerative diseases and provide insight into the development of new diagnostic methods and therapeutic strategies.

The impact of Alzheimer’s disease on individuals, families, and the health care system makes it one of America’s greatest medical, social, and economic challenges. Our research team is focused on early detection of Alzheimer’s, estrogen’s role in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, stroke therapy, and identification of oxidation processes to measure brain aging.

To this end, Dr. Shaohua Yang, MD, Ph.D., leads this endeavor of procuring, processing, and distributing this precious brain tissue to researchers at UNTHSC. Supporting his efforts is Dr. Rosalie Uht, MD, Ph.D., a board-certified neuropathologist, who has the expertise to identify and sample specific areas of the brain.

With our aging population, each year more and more individuals are being diagnosed with neurological disorders. Each year researchers are making progress in their discovery, but there is still more to be discovered. One brain can provide tissue for numerous research studies conducted by numerous investigators. Brain donation on behalf of yourself or a family member for research is a valuable gift to future generations in the fight to cure Alzheimer’s disease and other dementing illnesses.


This page was last modified on October 19, 2018