February 26, 2016

Video Administration

Mediasite is UNTHSC’s new video hosting platform and desktop recording solution.

We are migrating away from our current Video Platform Panopto to Mediasite. Should you have any questions, please contact Rens Bais, Email: Ernesto.Bais@unthsc.edu or Adam Van Fossen, Email: Adam.VanFossen@unthsc.edu.

Mediasite is one of the biggest players in automated classroom recording solutions, where you can create, publish, search, and manage all of your videos. For most faculty and staff members, the workflow will not change, and you still will be able to record your lecture (via the PC in the room or your Laptop), upload videos, and embed videos into your course via Canvas. Please note:

  • We have made a copy of all recorded videos (skill, lectures, etc.) on Panopto, and we are in the process of importing these into Mediasite.
  • CIL will also change the video embed in Canvas, to make sure all Panopto video is pointing to the new Mediasite Video Platform.

Look at the Faculty Training Calendar for a training session for faculty and staff members, where you will learn:

  • how to use Mediasite to embed videos into your course,
  • how to record a video using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder and
  • uploading and viewing your own pre-recorded videos using MyMediasite. All done via Canvas.

For coordinators and schedulers, separate training is provided. All training will be recorded and available online.


Should you have any questions, please contact:

Rens Bais
Email: Ernesto.Bais@unthsc.edu
Adam Van Fossen
Email: Adam.VanFossen@unthsc.edu.


About Mediasite

My Mediasite Training videos (youtube)