HSC Microcredentials are learning experiences that verify, validate and attest that specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved and are endorsed by UNT Health Science Center as a whole, having been developed through rigorous processes and designed to be meaningful and high quality. They differ from traditional degrees and certificates in that they are generally offered in shorter or more flexible timespans and tend to be more narrowly focused.Each HSC microcredential is comprised of a series of milestones, each with their own associated learning materials and assessment requirements. The key distinction between a “microcredential” and a “short course” is the inclusion of specific, observed assessments of skill or competency in the focus area of the microcredential, such that competence with that particular skill has been verified in a structured and rigorous manner by a team of experts.Many microcredentials at HSC are available for public enrollment, regardless of enrollment or employment status with the university as a whole. These publicly available microcredentials can be found in the microcredential catalog. Many HSC microcredentials also include accredited continuing education credits for a variety of health professions; this information can be found on the enrollment page for each microcredential.

Why earn microcredentials?

Microcredentials are valuable to learners for a number of reasons.

First, they offer an opportunity for focused, skills-based, bite-sized learning outside of the context of academic degree programs and courses. New degrees aren’t the right fit for every learner, and new degrees don’t always indicate every important skill a learner has developed.

Second, employers are increasingly engaging in skills-based hiring. That means employers are seeking new ways to differentiate between candidates with similar degrees and experience, and are looking for verification of specific skills that fit the needs of their organizations. Microcredentials provide the verification of extended training and demonstrated competence that employers are seeking.

Third, microcredentials frequently can be completed to contribute to professional requirements to earn continuing education credits. When appropriate, HSC microcredentials can be used to CE requirements in a wide range of health professional fields.

If your organization has a need for a microcredential that is not yet offered at HSC and would like to partner with us, please contact us.