Using Zoom to Collaborate

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The purpose of this page is to share some ideas for how you might use Zoom outside of learning environments to collaborate with colleagues, coworkers, and even others outside of the organization. Our goal is to give you a sense of how to use Zoom to make some common tasks that are part of your work or responsibilities easier.

Conducting a Faculty Workshop

Why limit your faculty workshop to those that can make it to campus at a given time on a given day? Zoom makes it easy to include everyone – even those that live far away – in faculty workshops and other team building and professional development activities. Have a faculty member that lives abroad and occasionally teaches a course or two for us? With Zoom, she or he can participate no matter how far they are.

Conducting Interviews

Phone or video interviews have become a common first stage of the interview process for all kinds of positions. While there are other programs that can be used to conduct a video interview, Zoom is one of the best. Rather than crowding your interview team or search committee around a speakerphone, Zoom makes it so that each interviewer can interview a candidate from their own offices. This also makes it easier for interview candidates to see each of you, too. You’ll probably find that, compared to an audio-only phone interview, using Zoom will often give you a better sense of a candidate’s personality. Using video creates a more natural environment for interpersonal and professional verbal and nonverbal communication and will make it easier for you to gauge a candidate’s fit for an in-person, face-to-face interview.

Hosting a Business or Committee Meeting

Many of us travel for work, whether it be for a conference or something else. Does your committee need to meet at a specific time even though some of its members aren’t available? You can use Zoom to ensure you have the quorum you need.

Meeting with Non-local Faculty or Staff

It can be difficult to organize meetings with non-local faculty and staff (e.g., adjunct faculty who teach online courses and live far from campus). Zoom is a powerful tool for connecting people at a distance. Too often, the organizational solution to dispersed faculty and staff is to exclude from meetings those that aren’t nearby, even though their experience and expertise could be valuable. With Zoom, it’s easy to bring everyone together.