Higher Order Thinking and Assessment Strategies – SPH Quality Enhancement Plan for Teaching and Education

Fall 2015 Faculty Development Seminar



The SPH Office of Academic Affairs in collaboration with the UNTHSC Center for Innovative Learning (CIL) present:

“Higher Order Thinking Teaching and Assessment Strategies ~ An Overview”

23571-200Session Evaluation

This seminar is designed to re-familiarize faculty members with “Higher Order Thinking” and how HOT should be addressed in the context of SPH graduate-level courses. The primary goal is to improve the knowledge and skills in implementing instructional and assessment strategies that develop and measure students’ higher order thinking skills, and to ensure that SPH competencies are adequately addressed. Each faculty member will bring a course syllabus to utilize during the seminar. Those scheduled to teach in Spring 2016 shall bring a recent draft of their Spring syllabus; those not teaching in the Spring should bring a recent syllabus.
All SPH faculty members are expected to attend; any new to our SPH since 2013 are required to attend.