Learning Glass

The Center for Innovative Learning now offers faculty the Learning Glass, a transparent glass board, to enhance their instruction.  Contact the CIL at canvas@unthsc.edu  for more information on how to use this service!

Image from Eller College of Management on Vimeo
The Learning Glass offers faculty the ability to create high quality, compelling recordings of themselves delivering content by writing in glowing letters while facing the audience. The Learning Glass is a clear “chalkboard” that you write on with neon markers. It’s useful for presentations, recording video lectures and micro-lectures.  You face toward your viewers, and your writing glows in front of you. The experience is similar to writing on a chalkboard, but your back is never to the audience. You can always maintain your instructor presence along with the ability to point and refer to material already on the glass. Also, you can overlay PowerPoint slides with text and graphics and annotate on them in real time.

How it works

Image from SDSU College of Engineering

The Learning Glass is between you and the camera or audience. You write normally on the glass to deliver your lecture content. The image of your writing is flipped via camera technology to be legible.

Recording tips

  • Plan to wear dark (not black) clothing so your writing will stand out better.
  • It may be helpful to practice on paper to position yourself correctly in relation to your writing.
  • Create a single PowerPoint image to use as a title screen. It should list the topic, your name, and title along with your course and department. You can begin your recording with this slide in real time.
  • If using PowerPoint slides for the first time, plan extra time to practice.
  • If using PowerPoint overlays, plan a location for yourself on the screen, so the slide isn’t on top of you.

Schedule a time to learn

To schedule a demonstration of the capabilities, please contact Canvas@unthsc.edu

Demonstration video

This demonstration video features faculty using the Learning Glass to record short lecture videos.

Location and hours

The Learning Glass is located in the Center for Innovative Learning. You can schedule a recording session depending on availability by contacting Canvas@unthsc.edu.