April 28, 2015

Instructional Design and Technology

The CIL employs instructional designers and technologists with expertise in a wide range of instructional solutions, from the traditional to the cutting edge. We’re equipped to consult with you on a variety of topics such as multimedia production, online learning tools and environments, instructional design, the development of blended and online courses, and more. We are committed to these core goals:

  1. Recommending sustainable teaching strategies and educational technology choices that are realistic, scalable, and support your learning objectives.
  2. Providing the practical experience necessary for you to become a skilled, confident implementer of teaching strategies and instructional technology solutions that best suit your teaching style and instructional goals.

Whether you’re a first time TA or the chair of a department tasked with redesigning a lecture course, we’re confident that our instructional designer team can help, even if our involvement is as limited as connecting you with resources better suited to your needs.

The CIL instructional designers develop creative, meaningful instruction using effective practices in course design, adhering to pedagogical strategies for teaching and learning, implementing evidence-based multimedia instruction principles, and leveraging learning technologies effectively. We can assist you with:

Individual Consultations

Why meet with an Instructional Designer?

Change/Improve an aspect of your teaching Teach online or blended courses Create course visual appeal with graphics or redesign
Discuss teaching and learning strategies Align objectives to resources and activities New Course Development
Quality Matters Course Design & Review Expand or enhance your course Learn to flip your course
Online/Blended Course Development Process Explore Bloom’s Taxonomy or Webb’s Depth of Knowledge to address Higher ODer Thinking Innovate your course with strategies or technology