Teaching with Technology – ThingLink

Thinglink is a super easy to use and powerful way to bring images to life. You simply find a background image, and add clickable links – basically, ‘hotspots’ – to the page. See also this guide: Here is another helpful resource, Power Up Your Pedagogy with Thinglink Photo by JForth

Padlet Screen Shot

Teaching with Technology – Padlet

Padlet is a web space where you can add files, links, videos, and more.  You can create various walls to add your favorite content.  Learners  can also collaborate to continue adding to the same wall space.  Imagine the potential for classroom discussions, Padlet is a virtual, visually syrticky wall for collaboration. Padlet has levels of […]

Augmented Reality heal care screen shot

LearnAR – eLearning with Augmented Reality

LearnAR is a new learning tool that brings investigative, interactive and independent learning to life using Augmented Reality. It is a pack of ten curriculum resources for teachers and students to explore by combining the real world with virtual content using a web cam. The resource pack consists of interactive learning activities across English, maths, […]