Advanced Panopto Video Training

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The Center for Innovative Learning continues our Panopto training on June 20 in LIB-400 from 12 to 1:30. Now that you know how to use Panopto to record and display video in your Canvas course, learn more about the Panopto editing tools. In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Add slides to your videos.
  • Create a Table of Contents navigation for your video.
  • Create quizzes that embed in your video file.
  • Edit together multiple streams of video.
  • Attach files to your videos.
  • And more!

Register online here


Panopto Video Assistance

If you are a student or faculty member with a Panopto-related question or problem, contact For classroom assistance with Panopto, contact CETS.

  • Panopto How To
  • Panopto for Students
  • Webinars are great ways to learn about Panopto and the particular features
  • Notice about Kaltura Screen Recorder – Kaltura no longer is supporting its Screen Recorder tool. If you have installed the recent version of Javascript, Kaltura Screen Recorder in Canvas will no longer function. Please contact the CIL at for consultation on other methods of screen recording and media production.