3D Printing for Medical Education

About the CIL Innovation lab

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Stratasys Introduction to 3D Printing: From Design to Fabrication. Download the curriculum guide for grading tools and more detailed information on each unit below. The files are .zip format.

  • Unit 1: Course Introduction – Welcome students to the course and introduce the syllabus, course structure and major assignments. This week’s lectures highlight the major technology shifts in human history that have set the stage for 3D printing.
  • Unit 2: Introduction to 3D Printing – The special advantages of 3D printing are illuminated by a comparison to other technologies, both ancient and modern. Students learn how various 3D printing technologies compare in terms of applications, advantages, relative precision and material use.
  • Unit 3: What is a Mesh? – Students learn the fundamentals of preparing CAD files for 3D printing. Before introducing industry-standard build preparation software, this week’s lectures explain how layer slicing works and what build parameters students must consider.
  • Unit 4: Ctrl + P – A review of geometry terms conveys the concept of a 3D mesh, and students learn about the process of converting 3D CAD files into machine movements. Students are also introduced to mesh repair software and the CAM software used to prepare files for 3D printing.
  • Unit 5: Closed Gear Systems Part I – Students will discover the advantages of 3D printing for interlocking parts. They will learn about gear system characteristics and forces and begin converting 2D drawings to 3D models.

MakerBot – selections from the Makerbot Guide to 3D Printing