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Authentic Assessments: Using Rubrics

Open-ended assignments such as analysis of a case study, demonstration of a technique/procedure, reflection of one’s experience, exercise of interprofessional skills that can facilitate active learning and competency development. However, grading with consistency and communicating expectations to students can be challenging. This workshop will explain how rubrics can help and use a hands-on exercise to […]

Quality Compass

Designing Your Online Course

Guest facilitator Heidi Ash from UNT CLEAR (Center for Learning Enhancement and Redesign) , in partnership with Bryan Hauf, Instructional Technologist from the Center for Innovative Learning, presents a process-based approach to improving online course design for seamless development of an online course that aligns with quality standards and principles of good practice for online […]

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Making Good Use of Student Course Evaluation Series (April-May)

Making Good Use of Student Course Evaluation Series Much Ado About Nothing? This is part 1 of a 3 part series on student evaluations of faculty and courses. Basic questions about the purposes and functions of student evaluations are considered. An overview how course evaluations are used at UNTHSC will be discussed. TBA Lib 400 […]