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Using Checklists for learner performance

Checklists are also used to highlight learner performance. They are designed to align with prescribed tasks and ensure learners are aware of task requirements. Checklists serve to outline the necessary components of a given task and can be useful for sharing performance information with stakeholders. Less informative than rubrics, they typically do not indicate the […]

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Constructing Multiple Choice Questions

Recommended Practice Before Test Construction Begins Define learning objectives to be assessed by the test Construct a 2X2 matrix to track learning objectives and multiple choice questions (see example of Test Construction Matrix). Plan for a minimum of two to three questions for each learning objective.  The more questions the more reliable the information about […]

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Archived Materials

Archived Presentations & Handouts Blooms Verbs Revised Strategies to Assess Large Classes First Step in Course Planning: Writing Effective Learning Objectives Case-Based & Collaborative Learning Managing Classroom Incivilities Rubric Overview UNTHSC Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Overview Beginning, Developing, Exemplary: Using a Targeted Grading Rubric to Assess the Information-Seeking Skills of First-Year Medical Students Course Design […]