PRECISION Pain Research Registry


Our PRECISION Pain Research Registry is enrolling people with low back pain throughout Texas. Click here to see if you qualify to be a paid research participant.

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The Pain Regis­try for Epidemiological, Clinical, and Inter­ventional Studies and Innovation is also known as the PRECISION Pain Research Registry.  The registry gathers data from research participants to determine risk factors for pain, develop prevention methods, evaluate common treatment interventions, and recommend more effective management in the future. Biological samples are collected from registry participants to study genetic factors and other biomarkers within the emerging field of Precision Medicine. Our research team is working together with patients, research collaborators, and other agencies to achieve our vision of “a future for all unbounded by pain.” At present our registry focuses on chronic low back pain because it is highly prevalent and a leading cause of disability worldwide.



Listen to KERA-NPR audio of ORC Director describing research conducted by the PRECISION Pain Research Registry and its statewide expansion.


Precision Medicine Initiative led to establishment of the PRECISION Pain Research Registry


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