Department of Medical Education & Health Systems Science


Vision, Mission and Values


Transform lives in order to improve the lives of others.


One university, built on values, defining and producing the providers of the future.


Create solutions for a healthier community.

Our Values

  • Serve Others First
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Be Visionary

We are a multifaceted, interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers and researchers. We are committed to providing excellence in clinical care, education, and research. Our goals and objectives amplify the distinctive nature of osteopathic physicians and their roles in delivering the highest quality health care to the citizens of Texas.


Through innovative curricular designs, early clinical experiences, and mentorship, the department is focused on producing highly competent, caring, and compassionate Family Medicine physicians, helping reduce the shortage of primary care physicians in our Texas communities. Our multidisciplinary faculty manage the curriculum for Year 1 and 2 and specialty core rotations for Year 3.


We aim to provide a medical home and comprehensive quality care for the entire family at our clinical sites. We provide specialty care to systemic diseases in our specialty clinics, with a focus on general and thoracic surgical disease.


Our collaborative and translational research program is involved in interdepartmental, interscholastic and interdisciplinary projects. Our focus is on medical education and translational research.


We stress the importance to giving back to the communities in Texas as well as nationally. The faculty hold positions in national organizations of medical education, graduate medical education and clinical specialties.